bekka2-tonedRebekka S. Angelyn

Institutional Development
Rebekka Angelyn is a graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, and University of Aberdeen in Oil and Gas Law. She started her career as an environmental analyst based in Singapore and branched out to other sectors as a government consultant and researcher on forestry, energy, politics, investment and governance.
Having worked on development projects over recent years, Rebekka’s portfolio includes: designing institutional and legal frameworks for government-led funding instruments for the energy and forestry sectors; advising policy makers on investment issues; governance and sustainability; and designing green projects at a regional and community level as a part of the REDD+ program.
She has worked with the Ministry of Disadvantaged Regions, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance, bilateral and multilateral donors, and the private sectors.
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