Coaction Indonesia works strategically through collaboration with various parties to produce innovative breakthroughs for the needs of policies, funding, technology, and resources needed to support the acceleration of an energy transition that is inclusive, just, and sustainable, both at the national, regional, and local levels.


Coaction Indonesia actively produces comprehensive studies and analyses based on scientific research and encourages critical recommendations from civil society to policymakers. The goal is for policymakers to produce effective public policies and for civil society to participate in monitoring their implementation so that they run democratically and with good governance.


Coaction Indonesia builds understanding, strengthens capacity, and amplifies the support of civil society, community, and public networks from various relevant sectors in order to influence the systemic changes needed to achieve energy acceleration that is inclusive, just, and sustainable.


Networking Nodes and Learning Nodes

Coaction Indonesia joins in partnerships, coalitions, and forums to build an inclusive, just, and sustainable energy transition ecosystem by engaging key stakeholders and documenting local actions that can inspire or learn good practices, joint work products, and network development.


An Inclusive, Equitable, and Sustainable Energy Transition

Coaction Indonesia encourages a robust policy and regulatory framework, safeguards, and good governance in an inclusive, just, and sustainable energy transition at the national, regional, and local levels. For example, the supply chain has clear social, economic, and environmental standards and indicators, from planning to downstream.


#GoGreenJobs dan #LangkahHariIni agar #AdilUntukBumi

Coaction Indonesia organizes programs to increase understanding, strengthen capacity, and amplify public voices, especially youth networks, across issues in strategic cities through public discussions, digital campaigns, and mass media. Coaction Indonesia also developed a website to access reliable, up-to-date, and complete campaign information so that the public can learn more about the campaign.