Why Renewable Energy?

Coaction Indonesia supports renewable energy as this source of energy is derived from natural resources that can be replenished through natural processes within a shorter span of time compared to the span of human life meaning that it will essentially never run out. Due to Indonesia’s natural conditions, several types of renewable energy sources can be developed including solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, bioenergy, and tidal waves.

Why focus on Renewable Energy?

Coaction Indonesia believes that renewable energy is beneficial for Indonesia as energy availability is an important driver of various aspects of human life and is essential in achieving long term sustainable development. While there is abundant potential for renewable energy that varies across Indonesia, unfortunately, the adoption of renewable energy is still limited. Henceforth the use of renewable energy needs to be aggressively boosted through various breakthroughs in policies, funding, technology, and human resources.

Why Now?

Energy is an essential part of all of our lives and renewable energy will make continuous development sustainable. It is important to support renewable energy from now as this issue has become a key part of dealing with climate change, which is the world’s biggest threat. In order to withstand the impact of climate change, we must change immediately by considering all consequences of our actions, our energy sources, and our daily lifestyles.



Coaction Indonesia supports energy transition efforts in Indonesia to accelerate the development of renewable energy and renewable energy implementation. In doing so, it is hoped that Indonesia will succeed in achieving its targeted amount of renewable energy within the national energy mixture.


Coaction Indonesia conducts public awareness on various types of green jobs by enacting social media campaigns, supporting communities and companies that actively participate in providing environmentally-friendly job opportunities, and raising stories and lessons learned regarding renewable energy initiatives in urban and rural areas so that they can inspire and be replicated as breakthroughs in other areas.


Coaction Indonesia raises awareness and mobilizes public efforts on renewable energy, amongst the youth, by relating the issue to trending topics in everyday life such as electricity, sustainable transportation, environment, forestry, and emissions.