Tim Koaksi Indonesia

We have different backgrounds and experiences, but our common goals and passion for a better Indonesia have brought us together.

Samsul Bachri

Governing Board

Sarwono Kusumaatmadja

Governing Board

Widhyawan Prawiraatmadja

Governing Board

Arimbi Heroepoetri

Supervisory Board

Aria Nagasastra

Executive Director

Verena Puspawardani

Program Director

Andrian Gannery

Operational Manager

Florentina Madar

Finance Manager

A Azis Kurniawan

Policy and Advocacy Manager

Ridwan Arif

Research and Knowledge Management Manager

Fitrianti Sofyan

Communication and Campaign Coordinator

Dwi Tamara


Satrio Rachmadi

Communication & Campaign Staff

Amita Sari

Operasional Staff

Raafi Seiff

Policy Specialist

Adhi Satyawidi

Social Media Strategist

Hudi Estu



Office Helper