History of Coaction Indonesia

The Coaction Indonesia Foundation was officially established on March 16, 2017, based in Jakarta. The founders of this foundation intend to make a change in the renewable energy sector. Previously, the founders had worked together as a team of experts in the Task Force for Accelerating Renewable Energy Development under the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said (2014–2016). The target of this team is to recommend and encourage policies to increase funding and investment in renewable energy, transfer and disseminate renewable energy technology to all regions of Indonesia, develop human resource capacity, and promote educational breakthroughs. The Task Force was entrusted with gathering stakeholders, attaining common goals, and addressing gaps to achieve this target. With this experience, the founders decided to achieve their vision by forming a non-profit organization using knowledge, skills, and networks from past and present collaborations for Indonesia’s renewable energy future.

To provide a meaningful impact and footprint for the community as beneficiaries, Coaction Indonesia works in stages. It seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy through annual and five-year programs, effective organizational structures, better coordination and governance flow, knowledge management systems, strategic partnerships, and a robust fundraising strategy. Coaction Indonesia does not stop at just being a strategic network node; it continues to expand its role to become a knowledge node for civil society organizations and related stakeholders. Therefore, Coaction Indonesia is developing a comprehensive and up-to-date online knowledge platform about renewable energy and online and offline learning forums so that civil society can exchange experiences and networks, whether focused on advocacy work, campaigns, or working directly in the community.